Chocolate Truffle Kiss

Here’s a sample of my short story, Chocolate Truffle Kiss, to be published in the upcoming Sweet and Spicy anthology being published by the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. This collection will be released via major ebook retailers in November 2015.

Chocolate truffles photo

Chocolate truffles photo. Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net


Your eyes meet mine, then retreat

Softness behind glass

Let me break down your barriers

The poem on the blackboard enticed her to enter. Just like every day. Each afternoon when Beth escaped work for a few minutes’ peace. Someone jostled her shoulder as they opened the door to her left and a waft of rich, aromatic deliciousness teased her senses. Melbourne’s finest single origin fair trade caffeine goodness and other indulgent treats.

But first, a new mini-poem greeted her. Today’s was sweet – a tentative love story. The poems added a sparkling glint of spring sunshine to her days, assisted by delicious coffee and the even more delicious-looking man behind the counter.

She let her imagination run rampant, standing on the footpath, rubbing her icy fingertips together to ward off the chill breeze whipping through the city street. She read the poem again, the distinctive cursive script etched on the A-frame board adding an artistic touch.

The poems were written for her. It was him, he was the poet. ‘Hot café guy’. Or on her more creative days, the Dragon Master, after his distinctive forearm tattoo. But she knew his real name after so many months. The barista, Samuel. She imagined he watched her the way she watched him, quietly, inconspicuously enjoying the view.

Ridiculous. A proper nutjob. As if he’d notice me, average in every way. Average height and weight, maybe a tad skinny, weak chai latte skin, light blue eyes. Long, strawberry blonde curls were her only noticeable feature. And she was old … thirty-eight was a dinosaur in today’s online insta-dating scene.

Palm pressing into cold glass, the heavy wooden framed door opened, and she stepped into comforting warmth. She looked down at the intricate square of mosaic tiles beneath her feet, a creative welcome mat, as the old-fashioned bell above the door jingled. Raising her head, her gaze locked on him.

Samuel, dark and brooding, held court behind the streamlined Art Deco espresso machine, chatting with two older women. Beth wasn’t the only customer to fall under his spell…

To read more, you’ll have to wait until the anthology is released in November! For updates on my work, check back here or on my Facebook author page.


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